domenica 6 novembre 2022

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Tuscany – Food & Wine Fantasyland


Torre A Cona dinner outside of Florence.

Torre A Cona is a beautiful resort and winery on the outskirts of Florence.

Night vibe

Cocktail lounge

Dish 1.

Grilled anchovies garnished with sausages and a mixed salad.

Acciughe grigliate con salsiccia e insalata aromatica.

  • Anchovies inserted into sausages

Wine 1.

Torre A Cona. Chianti Colli Fiorentini. Riserva. DOCG. 2019.

Riserva delight

Chef Maria Probst

Dish 2.

Wholemeal fusilloni served with guanciale, mushroom and thyme.

Fusilloni integrali con guanciale funghi e timo.

Colorful and complex

Dish 3.

Duo of grilled and tartare, Tuscan Maremanna beef.

Tagliata e Tartare di manzo razza Maremmana.

Roasted and rare meat

Wine 2.

Torre A Cona. Colorino Casamaggio. 2018. IGT.

Colorino – a novel grape

Chiara Bellacci (left) and Paola de Blasi

Sprawling cedar

Rolling hills outside of Florence


Tuscany – Food and Wine Fantasyland